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Congratulations on becoming a part of this great learning program!

Omega Morphosis is the profitable new wave of learning and growing. It is designed to be a no-person-left-behind type of global community. Our evolved Architects are working every day with businesses and people to create positive change in many local communities. Part of that change involves minimizing the adverse effects that humanity has on each other and the environment. We want you to join our mission in finding and teaching long-term solutions to problems plaguing our planet. One of our Omega Morphosis philosophies is that with a little bit of change and evolution we can create long-term sustainability to all people on earth, and while working together, unlock the secrets to accomplishing the remarkable.

We expect our users, members, partners, and employees to be professional and upstanding citizens and to work toward only positive goals. By positive, we mean that it does no direct harm to any person or living creature. We expect anyone making OM Plans to be able to deliver what they promise, and our quality control team will monitor that.

We want this program to be as fun as it is informative. We want people to enjoy learning and we are hoping with your help to encourage humanity to embrace the search for knowledge and improvement as one of the most important ongoing missions in life. It is important to Omega Morphosis that we are accurate in what we teach. We want to advocate for knowledge and science, and to influence the global community to view reliance on facts as one of its greatest tools. It will be no place for prejudice, bias, fake news, trolling, or any deliberate misinformation.

Omega Morphosis is about growing our planet one Step at a time. We have plenty to offer the world, and it’ll be even more than just learning and completing Steps. Omega Morphosis itself is going to be full of objectives such as offering scholarships to children, developing commerce in under-developed and emerging communities, and providing solutions for everyday problems and goals in life. The instructions to life and beyond are now at your fingertips as well as the tools to tell your story of the goals you accomplish. Tell your story, teach your community, and help build your world.

if you already have a membership, go to your Plan Builder storey in your My Storeys page and click on the link provided to create your own OM Plan. Otherwise, you'll need to create an account. To do so, click on the Back to My Storeys button below to return to the front page, then click Create Account.

If you would like to view the OM Architect Agreement,  click here!