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OM Alphas

OM Alphas are the Omega Morphosis in-site currency. Because Omega Morphosis is a Canadian company, the value of Alphas is on par with Canadian funds, however users will be charged in their country’s currency exchange rate (for example, a Canadian user will be charged in Canadian funds, a United States user will be charges in US funds, etc.)

We are also currently working on refining our Alpha Messenger to allow OM members to transfer Alphas from user-to-user to members’ children, friends or family. If however you would like to give back to your OM community, members will also be able to transfer Alphas to our OM Charity, which supports various social development and emergency relief causes. This is the Omega Morphosis way of giving back to the greater global community, so that we may all be the change, see the change, and change the world. 

Users can check out the OM Charity by clicking the button below or by looking under the Architect tab at the top of the page. To purchase Alphas, click the Alpha Store button below, or click on the Cart button at the top-right of your desktop/laptop screen or just beyond the central Options button on your mobile device.

Visit the OM Charity

Visit the Alpha Store