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Our Mission

At OM, our mission is to be the change we want to see in the world by helping as many others be that change through the O.M. Plans Personal Development Platform of informational online plans. The world is changing and there are forces for good, and forces we class as detrimental. Our mission through our services and O.M. Plans is to support, teach and deliver to our members the maximum change in the most positive and beneficial way for everyone.

Our Philosophy 

Life is unfair and messy; many of us have been knocked down, maybe even knocked out.

None of us gets everything our way, but there are other ways. Each of us is looking for the most elusive of all rights: “the Pursuit of Happiness”. We want to empower people to help themselves by helping others through caring and loving. We must care about our planet and our environment, as well as our work, our activities, and finding new methods to do these in responsible ways that reduce our negative impacts. We need to love others, our communities, and the good works we do with passion and in the way they want to be loved.

The goal is to eliminate barriers to success by tearing down walls, opening doors, introducing likeminded people and providing solid plans that can be enacted to achieve goals that for many have, for whatever reason, been out of reach.

Using cooperation, compassion, empathy, and know-how mixed with Omega-Morphian love and acceptance ensures all that is left is for would-be members to sign up, sign in and start their first steps on their journey to self-improvement.

Our Moral Standards

Love yourself. Love others. Enjoy this world.

Each Morphian is to conduct oneself with the respect necessary to demonstrate one’s love for themselves, others, our planet and the universe, and to work hard to make theirs and others’ lives better.

We live and work being cognizant of the footprints we leave, minimizing harm and limiting externalization of costs to shared environments and society, while avidly pursuing and achieving our goals with the zest for life.