Omega Morphosis frequently asked questions
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OM 101

What is Omega Morphosis?

Omega Morphosis (OM) is a Personal Development Platform (PDP) that allows users to create profiles, upload photos and videos, keep in touch with friends, family, colleagues, businesses and through our specialized search engine introduce them to new friends that share similar interests.

Omega Morphosis also offers a database of how-to guides we call O.M. Plans to help you achieve anything! You can become an Architect on Omega Morphosis and share your knowledge. Or if you represent a business, you can create private how-to guides for staff training, safety procedures and protocols.

How do users change profile information or personalize their My Storeys?

Omega Morphosis users may personalize their My Storeys by accessing the My Feng Shui feature. To change profile information, users can access the My Story feature on My Storeys.

How can a user retrieve a lost password or change an existing one?

A user can click the “Forgot my Password” link on the login page which will redirect them to a password reset page where they can enter their email address, after which an email will be sent to their email account and allow the user to reset their password. 

What is My Feng Shui?

Feng Shui (also known as Chinese geomancy) claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. The Feng Shui practice discusses architecture in terms of "invisible forces" that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together, know as qi. At Omega Morphosis, My Feng Shui allows users to decide which site features are displayed on their My Storeys page, and also controls users Remember Me Functionality, basic site privacy, and access to disable audio on the platform.

How can users contact Omega Morphosis?

Users can contact Omega Morphosis by selecting “Feedback” located at the top-right on each site page.

Alphas's & Membership Level

What is an Alpha?

Alphas are the Omega Morphosis currency used to purchase O.M. Plans, memberships and products within the site. As OM is a Canadian company, the value of Alphas are on par with Canadian funds and users will be charged in their country’s currency exchange rate. For example, a Canadian user will be charged in Canadian funds, a United States user will be charges in US funds, etc.

How can I purchase Alphas?

Alphas can be purchased by clicking Cart or through a user's My Wallet. Once the amount of Alphas are selected, users will be redirected to payment processing to enter their credit card information. Once purchased, Alphas are stored in users My Wallet and users can now use their Alphas to purchase O.M. Plans, memberships and products within the site.

What OM Memberships are available. 

Omega Morphosis offers four memberships: Free, Bronze, Silver and Gold. To purchase a membership or view membership features, go to our LevelUP page. 

OM Architects

What is an OM Architect?

Any Omega Morphosis user can become an Architect and share their knowledge and skills by building an O.M. Plan. Architects can provide their O.M. Plans to be available to other OM users for free, or if they choose to sell them, they can earn royalties from their O.M. Plans (via approval from Omega Morphosis). If you are interested in becoming an OM Architect, click here.

Can I work with multiple Architects on an O.M. Plan?

Yes, Architects can become a part of an OM Team to create O.M. Plans using our OM Team feature.

What is the allowed file size and formats of a video in an O.M. Plan and what is the video upload processing time?

The allowed file size of an uploaded video to an O.M. Plan cannot exceed 500 Megabytes. Users may upload video content in these various file formats:

  • .MOV
  • .MPEG4
  • .MP4
  • .AVI
  • .WMV

The video upload processing time will take approximately 15 minutes, and users will be notified processing is complete through their system notifications (IM).

How long does it take for Architects O.M. Plans to be approved after submission?

Simpler O.M. Plans may be approved within 1 week of submission. However, more complex O.M. Plans may take more time to verify and approve. 

As Omega Morphosis' Team Beta creates O.M. Plans, will they compete with OM Architects and their O.M. Plans?

No, Omega Morphosis Team Beta will not create O.M. Plans that OM Architects have already created. However, any O.M. Plan created by Team Beta that was in our OM Library previous to a newly created O.M. Plan may be stored and sold to Omega Morphosis Users. 

O.M. Plans

What is an O.M. Plan?

An O.M. Plan is step-by-step tutorial or how-to guide created by an OM Architect which provides users with an easy-to-follow way of learning a new skill or gaining valuable knowledge. O.M. Plans are either free or for purchase in the OM Library.

Are there ways to save money on O.M. Plans that are not free?

Yes. By obtaining an OM Membership, users gain access to O.M. Plans within that membership level or lower free of charge. For example, a Gold Membership provides users with free gold, silver, and bronze O.M. Plans.

Where are O.M. Plans Stored on user profiles?

The OM Plan Musaeum is where user-purchased O.M. Plans are stored for quick and easy reference. Purchased O.M. Plans within this section will keep track of users progress, sort completed O.M. Plans, and update a user's last access date to each listed O.M. Plan.

How do I make my own O.M. Plan?

By selecting OM Plan Builder and following the guidelines in that feature, users can become Architects and make their own O.M. Plans. 

How are O.M. Plans evaluated for quality?

Omega Morphosis evaluates Architect-built O.M. Plans for quality by skill level and difficulty. The user's safety, steps, supplies, equipment, and references/citations also play a significant role in the Plan review process. 

Where can users view and complete O.M Plans?

Users can view and complete O.M. Plans in the OM Plan Musaeum feature.

How do users locate or request an O.M. Plan?

Users can use the search function in the OM Library to locate O.M. Plans. However if a searched O.M. Plan is not available, users can select Plan Guru and make an O.M. Plan request.

What do the triangles do in the OM Plan Library where O.M. Plans are stored?

The triangle, called our Delta, is located in two places in the OM Library. First, users can see the Delta on all O.M. Plans in the OM Library. Selecting the Delta automatically saves the O.M. Plan to a users 'wishlist' for future purchase. To view your full 'wishlist', select the circle beside the Delta located up top on the left side within the OM Library. Select ALL beside the Delta to view all available O.M. Plans in the OM Library

O.M. Security

At Omega Morphosis your security is of the utmost concern. We utilize internet standard security measures and endeavour to keep everything as secure as possible.