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Andy Gwaltney (CEO): "Every day we do our best."

Lamar Anderson Gwaltney (Andy) was no stranger to business growing up; he worked and helped in the family business from the age of four. He had high expectations of himself as he aged and was relatively competitive. He would strive for the highest marks in school and continued with his high standard of excellence into the University of MIT where he studied marketing, operations and biology and graduated with two degrees. 

At age 22 Andy immigrated to Canada and became an owner/manager of a successful movie theater. The cinema having been the family business for three generations along with his parents, Lamar and Mary Gail Gwaltney, Andy built the Cinema City brand of theaters into a chain. Yet, throughout the years, Andy has built over twenty businesses in a wide variety of fields, including logistics, retail, wholesale, marketing, real estate and many others, with great success. 

Andy has immense passion in helping people develop underappreciated and underutilized skills. He values hard work and creativity and wants to create a community of people who are willing to put in the work it would take to help people on a global scale. 

The current state of our communities and our world indicates to him a lot of positive changes are needed. The idea of Omega Morphosis is to show people how they can successfully approach these changes, be they personal or communal, and what each of us can do to be the change they want to see in themselves and in the world. 

When asked for his why of Omega Morphosis Andy states: "I cannot enlighten you on how excited I am to finally put together this inspiration. Omega Morphosis is the answer to a large part of my life’s goals: Simply, to bring together like minded people to accomplish extraordinary feats and propel all of humanity forward."

Kelly Allers (COO): "Fantasy is simply imagination unrestricted by reality."

Kelly William Allers had very little direction in the early years. Kelly was often left at a very young age to figure out life for him alone. His humble beginnings developed Kelly into an extremely empathetic and compassionate young man, but he is still somewhat of a rogue. 

Kelly considers himself a Realist, believing in that which is real and verified. He believes that statements that are not verified should be considered Fantasy. Kelly will enlighten you that Fantasy is not the same as just being false or incorrect, but also anything that is unverified or the unverifiable. Kelly has reservations that Fantasy is just as powerful as Reality when it’s believed as Reality.

Kelly studied Business Administration at CDI College to complete his endeavors in writing a series of fantasy novels. This series contain his ideas and philosophies, which proved a great fit with the idea’s and philosophies of Andy Gwaltney. 

He met Andy shortly after college and was personally selected due to his demeanor as an individual as manager for one of Andy’s PODS business. While working with Andy, Kelly developed a better understanding of business culture. When Kelly and Andy both discovered that they shared a passion for helping people and a desire to help change the world into a much more positive and simpler world they started working on Omega Morphosis. 

When asked for his why of Omega Morphosis Kelly states: "I see so many problems in the world today. Omega Morphosis is the ideal invention to empower people to learn what they want with the ability to solve their own problems. It is an equalizer for opportunities; for all people."