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Compassion can go a very long way. We at Omega Morphosis seek to extend our compassion out to everyone, and with the right strategy, we believe it is possible. There are countless important causes to which people and companies can give their money--helping out communities that are suffering due to natural catastrophes, or people who are fleeing from an unsafe country, or simply by protecting our environment--the list goes on. 

At Omega Morphosis we truly want to help everyone in the world, but we can only do that if our Personal Development Platform is massively successful, with your help through donations, and of course your most valuable asset: time.

Our strategy is simple: Omega Morphosis Charity funds will flow from corporate revenue, plus donations from Morphians and from abandoned user O.M. Plans. We also hope our OM Charity Teams make a big difference in being the change by creating O.M. Plans for sale, with their profits going to an OM Charity of their choice (subject to approval from Omega Morphosis).

The main question that arises is "who gets the money?" We want to leave that answer in the hands of our Morphians, because everyone's voice should be heard in a democratic process. So when our OM Charity pool of funds reaches a certain level or goal, Omega Morphosis will publish a list of charities and/or causes our Morphians can vote for. While the fine details are still being worked out, rest assured that our OM Charity will work hard to be the change, see the change and change the world.