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July 20, 2019

To those in need of success:

I’m not going to spend much time on this, mainly because I believe envy and coveting is mostly a waste of time. Envy and desire are the forces that have led to rampant consumerism and the exploitation of others and our planet. Further, many have the mistaken notion that getting one great thing will fix their life and make everything great. Most things can only make you feel better for short time. The real thing we are each looking for is love. We need people and things (a dog is a thing) to love, and to love us. We must love ourselves.

Tomorrow in the final statement, I hope to shed some light on love and the discovery of the Love Wave/Particle. In the meantime, I suggest that if you really love something, get a plan to achieve or to receive what you desire. The work you put in is your love. The more love you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

Love others to get more love, don’t envy them and push them away. I pray, “that we can all work together to build a better world, where we share more, love more, and need much less. In the infinite universe of infinite abundance, you have given us the opportunity to achieve and build, so it is my prayer we can build an amazing world of freedom, opportunity, and justice for all.”

All the best,

Andy Gwaltney

Proof of 10th Commandment of Judo-Christian God's Law

By Andy Gwaltney

# Statement Reason                                
Those shalt not covet....

10th Commandment of God from the Biblical Law of Moses

Covet = envy, desire                              
Plan = a detailed proposal for doing or achieving 
4 Coveting does not get things Negative action  
5 If the goal is to get something make a plan and follow  Positive action 
6 Unsuccessful in achieving goal them remember
the plan and use it again next time, and tell o
thers so they can repeat as well 
Learning from experience, sharpening 
7 I successful in achieving goal them remember
the plan and use it again next time, and tell others
so they can repeat as well. 
Success and sharing 
8 The real question is why do you want things
that others have? How badly do you want it?
If its worth having then its worth earning 
Personal questions of review
9 When I find myself doing any activity that seems questionable,
I wonder why I Want that? If the reasons are just then I go for it,
I abandon 
Sharing my personal technique 

Consecration Prayer