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July 19, 2019

RE: Proof 8 Letter.

Fellow crime fighters,

As I traveled yesterday to Costa Rica, it was difficult to compile and compose all of my thoughts for presentation. I think the thin air at 30,000+ feet (while great for grand meandering thoughts) is not ideal for focused, penetrating examination. As a result, I did not earn the Mile High Club’s “Concentration Badge”. Today, I can already feel the sunshine and the salty sea air rejuvenating me.

It occurred to me that Costa Rica, one of the most devout countries in the world, has a major problem with theft. The low wages in Central America, among many other places in the world, force many people to steal simply for survival. This reality corrupts many people who would otherwise carry out responsible lives, abiding by legal and moral standards. Jobs held by adults with families to support, often earn a meager $3.00 - 4.00/hour. Contrast that to the magnitude of the crimes of theft in North America, where white-collar criminals steal thousands, millions, and some, like Bernard Madoff, stealing billions before being brought to justice. Still, relatively few of these criminals are ever brought to justice.

Today’s laws have not been updated for the advancements in technology, so that criminals are able to exploit the magnifying power this technology provides to build engines of Mass Theft. We have all heard that money is the root of all evil. While I’m not sure that is true for all evil, it does encourage a huge volume of crime. There is no way to whitewash it; no one likes a thief, and I myself have an extreme distaste for
thieves. I suggest, it is high time that we enforce the law against theft to all offenders at every level. Thieves need to be exposed and treated as the vultures they are. 

I thought a good proof would be to count all the ways one can steal, but I quickly discovered the depressing nature of that topic. So, I will start with those that should know better. The proliferation of easy fiat money has simplified the concentration of wealth. This has worked out tremendously for many white-collar crooks. Thieves are often using very sophisticated technology, along with legal, yet vulgar, business practices to extort money from the weakest and most needy. Meanwhile, governments do little to stop this because at many points in the chain of these crimes there are massive profits and taxes for themselves and their lobbying buddies. On the large scale, theft is something that must be dealt with by the people. Crooked governments filled with self-absorbed idiots, have somehow bamboozled the people into believing in multi-billion dollar schemes. Politicians that could not hold a respectable job at most decent companies cook up such schemes. I have heard the words “Just $X-billion is needed for a project.” I shake my head at this because these people could not raise $1 million on the open market. 

 Give the money to responsible entrepreneurs with developed plans, who will actually stick with the issue to completion. So the question is, who is minding the story? Are these individuals really qualified to mind the billions of dollars they command and oversee? Perhaps the most egregious theft is the recent appearance of Pharmaceutical Extortion. Sycophants controlling some pharma companies have seen fit to raise prices on medications without the justification any of cost increases and normal profit margins, but simply as part of their maximization of profits. These price increases have sent costs through the roof. This is basically a move from Mass Theft into a potential for Mass Murder, and certainly encourages those that are priced out of the market to steal to stay alive. Oh Lord I Pray, “We can drive out the thieves from among us, fully knowing that some of these people may be friends, family, and business associates. Do not let the money we receive from them confuse us into believing they are anything but crooks. Instead let us believe that justice prevails, and that the hard-working peoples of this planet may rightfully enjoy the fruits of their labors. That those of us that have so much, can learn to share our abundance with those that have much less, especially those that struggle to be good citizens, in a corrupted system.”

All the Best!


Proof of 8th Commandment: Unregulated Vital Services Lend themselves to Mass Theft.

By Andy Gwaltney

# Statement Reason                                                                                                                         
Thou shalt not steal 8th Commandment - Biblical Law of Moses
8th Commandment - Biblical Law of Moses
Thou Shalt not = Warning against = Caution against = 
Forbearance of one's activity required
Direction, Activity or Lack.
Steal = to take property illegally with the intent to keep it unlawfully
Legal definition - Black's Law Dictionary
4 Illegal and/or Unlawful = without force, operation,
and/or contrary to the law = Not allowed under law or agreement
5 Theft = steal Synonyms
6 Empathy of thieves = none Thieves are not empathetic to the feelings of victims
7 Monopolies and cartels are illegal, controlled, and/or
regulated, especially in vital services.
Anti-trust, and Legal to organization of
8 Corporate Welfare = theft by government My definition
9 Drug companies have patents, or may be the only
producer of a drug necessary to life. They become a vital service.
Licensed, Patent Protection
10 Most drugs in major use are only produced by 1, 2, or 3 companies. Suggested fact, but could do a whole research project on this.
11 Some drug companies have raised prices, significantly more than their cost
and traditional profit margin to increase profits. Some have been raised over 700%.
12 Many drug markets have inelastic usage and demand. Economics - Inelastic supply and demand theory
13 Drug companies have become vital monopolies,
and oligopolies that have little competition.
Drug companies should qualify for regulation
14 I call upon all governments to regulate legal drug pricing,
so that profiteering does not cost patients lives and livelihoods.
Call to action

Consecration Letter 9