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July 13,2019

Re: proofs 3 and 4.

Dearest friends and colleagues,

I continue this series of 11 proofs towards the major thesis. A few interesting things I have run into are the many differences of proofs, thoughts, and perspectives, from different sciences and schools of thought. So I would like to set the stage and provide focus. The goal here is to investigate the fundamental truth (or lack thereof) to the Laws of the 10 Commandments. Further study of this and other works of ancient origin may be in order, but are currently outside of my mandate. My goal is to extract some equations of benefit from these ancient laws, as well as demonstrate and prove if, when, and how these truths might work to our benefit.

For each person this is just one step in the journey It may not be for everyone, it may not help everyone, or many. I hope to help as many as possible. By opening up the dialogue into some taboo areas, I hope to bring good science, safety management, thoughtful understanding, and reasonable/rational thought to subjects that have been conscripted as the domain of a few. Further understanding in many of these areas will definitely yield some scientific breakthroughs. The truth will stand up.

Today I present 2 Proofs: the first is "Don't use Science for Evil Purposes" like war. The forbidden fruit was of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, because knowledge can be used for evil purposes, so a stern warning is in order. I would also like to honor the 4th Commandment and give you my proof: "'Keep the Sabbath' is advice for proper Safety and Personal Care". I will take that advice and take Sunday off.

Happy weekend

Andy Gwaltney.

Proof of 3th Commandment: Don't use Science for Evil  Purposes.

By Andy Gwaltney

# Statement Reason
Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in Vain.
3rd Commandment - Given - The Law of Moses.                                                               
Calling upon the name(old Language)= Using the truth and the power and/or 
essence of a thing. Example: Pythagorean Theorem(the name) is A^2+B^2 = C^2(useful
Modern interpretation + example
The Lord Thy God = Natural God = Universe and Nature = Science
From Proof 1 "God = Science"
4 In Vain = without success or result or obtaining bad result or to use as an evil curse(attack) Definition
5 Do not use the truth and power of the Universe to obtain bad results. Rewording
6 This advises that those with the Power of God, because of their knowledge
need to take care and not abuse their authority to know such power.
Conclusion #1
7 Vanity starts simply, but escalates as egos escalate. Those that do not respect the power,
will not end well. Some things are better left to God unless the proper care(love)
Conclusion #2
8 This demonstrates that this advice applies to both God and Science.
9 Don't use science for vanity, or destructive purpose like war. Restatement of above elements by substitution.
10 In fact in prayer God will not grant an unjust request.
There may be answer, however. Don't ask me to detail God's Justice

Proof of 4th Commandment:"'Keep the Sabbath" is Advice to Proper Safety and Personal Care.

By Andy Gwaltney

# Statement           Reason
1 Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy                                                                  
2 Sabbath = weekly day of rest and also Holiday or Holy Day Definition
3 Holy = exalted or worthy of complete devotion as
one perfect in goodness and righteousness
4 Love your neighbor as yourself or Treat others
the way you want to be treated
Golden Rule
5 Remember to take a day of rest every week,
and devote it to friends, family and goodness.
6 Righteousness = following the laws of the commandments. (Self reference) Definition; self reference unnecessary to proof.
7 Modern Labor Law provides for a minimum of a day offer per week. Societal Law
8 Difficult jobs may require limits to work load and hours of work per week.
Always to not more than 6 days a week for safety concerns.
Various Legal requirements for proper operation of equipment and licensing by Jurisdiction
9 The Law of the Sabbath is the same Law we have today in many places
and is supported by science as required rest to perform safely.
Conclusion, and Workers Rights, and Safety Protocols
10 Holidays are often widely observed and services greatly reduced.
Justice in the Labor system workers and rights have been increased and
equality among classes is more common in developed markets.
Statement of observations, which support this proof and conclusion and reinforce the theory.
11 Science of work habits may advise for better work week
and work hours, and conditions. Like the 4 day work week.
Varied and Various Scientific Work Studies - Accepted Science
12 To keep it Holy = Make sure and do it for yourself and others.
It establishes ones obligation to rest, recovery, healing, deeper thought,
and family. Reminding us to take care of ourselves as if holy.
If it's scheduled it Happens - Rule; I figured - Slippery Slope Theory,Recovery Theory.