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July 15, 2019

Re: Honour thy Father and Mother

Family and friends,

Today's commandment I am building on is the 5th: Honour thy Father and Mother. This one is packed with a punch. Firstly, I offer a loving thanks to my father and mother, Lamar and Mary Gail, for all they have done for my siblings and I. They have led by example and shown me how to be the person I am today, they have supported my growth in directions I may not have chosen on my own, and they have kept me grounded enough to keep it real. They have honored me with their strength, trust, and truth, understanding that I might make some mistakes along the way. I hope that each of you has, and are, great parents, and if not then consider what your own role model for success is.

This is the 5th and last of the "God" commandments, and really unravels the whole enchilada so very well. It states that a person should be honorable, firstly, and that they would do well to honor to their parents.
I would like to suggest that honorable parents create honorable children, as Jesus says this: "one can judge the quality of the tree by its fruit." The father and mother are together parents, but each has a role
to play in the nurturing relationship with a child. In the game of life, Darwin remarks on the "survival of the fittest". I can think of no better and more primal way to honor one's parents than to survive, to thrive, and produce great works through oneself and one's offspring. If we have climbed up out of the primordial ooze, then isn't that all the more testament to our perseverance and our love of life above all else? Our parents and generations before them each getting stronger by genetic adaptation, transmission of knowledge, use of tools, and cooperative organization (alongside lots of luck), brought each of us to this moment. I pray "to the prosperity of our posterity, that they have the opportunity to explore, build and enjoy this marvelous universe together, as we are all the children of the same creator."


Andy Gwaltney.

Proof of 5th Commandment: Equivalent to Darwin's "Survival of the Fittest" Theory
By Andy Gwaltney

# Statement Reason

Honour thy father and mother

5th Commandment; the Biblical Law of



Honour(honor) = regard with great respect and/or fulfill an obligation or keep an agreement

Definition - (dialect spelling difference)

father and mother = parents, parents = creator, parent = co-creator
4 creator = god Definition
5 Fulfill your obligation to your parents(gods) Substitution
6 Loving is a type of Honoring, nurturing Distillation
7 Father and Mother are, and act as, the Universe of a Baby, it's first gods. Statement of known fact and observation;Metaphorical
8 Parenting = Nature and Parenting= Nurture, 2 halves of parenting creation and teaching Nature vs. Nurture theory
9 Gods job is both nature and nurture. Substitution
10 Teaching = Nurture Definition
11 learning = honouring, prospering = honouring, goodness = honour; honouring = understanding;fitness = honour; surviving = honouring Synonyms
12 Survival of the fittest Theory of Natural Selection- Derived from Darwin's Evolutionary Theory/td>
13 Survival of the Fittest = honouring the honourable Conclusion 1
14 Genealogy = study of evolution of the family line Definition - Family Tree
15 Honourable parents have more honourable children. Leadership by example Theory, Supported
16 Children have the obligation to do their best to honour their parents, and represent their family in a positive manner. Conclusion 2
17 A thriving family is an honorable family Conclusion 3
18 One's activities reflect on one's family, especially one's parents. Parents increase their own honour through the prosperity of their posterity. Conclusion 4
19 Children imitate parents, honorable parents Biblical Axiom - Tree and its Fruit
20 Genealogy is the study of all the parents and descendants through the generations back through the Natural Selection process, even to the ooze. Conclusion 5

Consecration Letter 6