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July 16, 2019

Re: Man vs. Man, Day 6 is Murder!

Great friends,

So much time and effort is spent in our examination of how we treat one another. We get to start our trip down the memory lane of ancient knowledge on how we should treat each other (our neighbors, our friends, our customers, and our co-workers), opening the scene with the topic of Murder.

I have been asked, "What is the purpose of this exercise?" The answer is at least 2-fold (I'll limit my discussion on that for now). First, to demonstrate proof as a form of proof, I've used a 2-column system. This system demonstrates each statement and the reason why we can take each step. This gives us a chance to organize our thoughts and present them in a sequential way. Second are the thoughts on the use of tools, and how we have lost focus on the purpose of belief systems. 

The "Word of God" as given in The Bible is a tool, given for the betterment of man. But I asked myself, "why, as with the laws of physics or math, doesn't someone dissect them and see if anything else can be derived?" So I have undertaken to extract non-intuitive uses of these laws when combined with the theories and laws of other sciences. It has become apparent to me that it is foolish not to use these laws provided by God, if we can use laws provided by other men.

Today, I will let you know that our externalizations are murdering us all. There are likely solutions on the way, and we need to demand of others and ourselves that solutions be implemented quickly. There is no way to make light of murder; it is a heavy subject. I pray "to the cleanup of this Earth, that we can all breathe clean air, drink clean water, and eat safe food, without fear of contamination."


Andy Gwaltney.

Proof of 6th Commandment: Externalizations can be Murder

By Andy Gwaltney

# Statement Reason
Thou shalt not murder
6th Commandment - Given
murder = intentionally causing the death of another
Murder has various set Laws, with descriptions and punishments
Laws of Murder(universally accepted law of Society)
4 another = person Pronoun
5 another = other life Definition
6 Exceptions to murder, killing to prevent being killed Rule of Self Defense
7 Killing of lesser creatures to continue one's
survival and survival of one's family and property.
Survival of the Fittest
8 Wasteful killing of other creatures is very strongly discouraged Ecology - Ru1e of Stewardship
9 Poison is a tool of killing Definition
10 pesticide = poison, herbicide = poison, fungicide
= poison; cide = to kill; as in Homicide
11 Humans are the Apex of the food web. Defined in Ecological Science Food Web
12 Nutrients and toxins accumulate at the
top of the food chain and are biomagnified
Ecological Science Food Web Theory
13 Environmental toxins accumulate to toxic
levels when they are abundant in the environment.
Toxicology and Food Web Theory
14 Accumulation of toxins causes deadly diseases,including most cancers. Toxicology
15 Profiting and knowing of harm and
not caring = intent(Depraved indifference)
Rules of legal intent
16 Manufacture, use, exposure to, distribution of large
quantities of Poison kills people slowly by Diseases.(Cruel)
Conclusion - Illegal as Cruel and unusual.
17 Chemical companies, and whomever uses these compounds on peoples' food,
are encouraging and participating in Murder, even mass murder.
18 Untold enormous quantities of insects, animals, plants,
microbes are wastefully murdered as well, by the uses of poisons.
Many of these deaths are collateral damage.
Conclusion of Mass Murder, Genocide, Attempted Genocide, Environmental Terrorism
19 Poisons released into the environment affect all of us in the Global ecosystem Accepted Ecological Science
20 Each of us is being slowly murdered by toxin build up
from poisons used in agriculture and manufacture.
Court findings of lawsuits regarding chemicals poisons, tobacco smoking, asbestos
21 Industries and governments have been
slow to warn of possible hazards, endangering many lives.
History of the world; Lobbying efforts of corporation contrary to public good
22 We are all being slowly(and some quickly)
poisoned by corporations, and governments,
without regard. It's about the money.
23 Other issues of murder: War, Crime. Blood shed of War - Collateral damage, Escalation of Crime theory
24 With friends like we have, who needs enemies? Conclusion: The question?

Consecration Letter 7