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July 21, 2019

Dear Friends,

Today I only offer a prayer, by Andy Gwaltney

Lord God, on the eve of the Opening of our Omega Morphosis online Temple, And on the Eve of my 50th Birthday:

Whereas the Law has been read, as is the ancient custom; Works have been presented to the betterment of the Law; 

We have demonstrated our values in our works and words;

We have worked very diligently to build a vibrant community space; We have struggled with and overcome great challenges;

Whereas because of our labor and perseverance over the last 3 years; We are happy to present for the benefit of all

And Furthermore

I desired to be in the best spiritual, mental and physical health possible;

I have worked for the last 2 years diligently exercising, learning, understanding, contemplating, reading, discussing and improving myself;

To improve and to prove that one could, clean it up all toxins and devils; Because I have tried so many various treatments and plans;

I am very happy to report I may have discovered the fountain of youth; Whereas my results are preliminary in nature;

I believe that most people can role back their biological clock 10 years in 2; It may be possible to clean up oneself at that rate back to ages 25 to 30;

Wherefore if our cause be worthy and just;

If Our Temple is acceptable, thought it is currently small and modest; We aspire to great things, for our members, the universe and your glory; 

If you find my works and my new temple worthy;

That you bless our Community of Omega Morphosis to the betterment of all mankind;

That you redeem my personal temple;

That you help us carry this work forward to the redeeming of as many as will come; I thank and ask the Lord Jesus for his words, 

and ask him to carry all these prayers to the highest God of All, in Jesus own name;

And please bless these 2 temples;

Lastly, that as many saints in heaven and on Earth pray this with me as find it worthy!