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July 12, 2019 


The 1st proof was well received. I got several constructive comments back. I will be adjusting some things in the future. Please continue with me, and let me know your thoughts.

This next Proof is quite an obvious one, however it is still important: "Proof of 2nd Commandment of God: Don't Believe in Nonsense". As we all can agree there is no shortage of nonsense in the world. What makes something false is that we believe more strongly in that something than we normally would. In my opinion, the most common false apparatus today is Government, the second is outdated science, and occupying the third place are many other antiquated systems that require updating. If we consider the case of Flint, Michigan (whose residents had faith in their government for decades), the water their government claimed was safe, was actually toxic. Then there are the cases for Fake News for Votes, which is still under investigation regarding the 2016 presidential elections. Because these cases involved foreign propaganda to sway votes, they demonstrated the danger of Fake News. Since many idolize the news media (and believe them fully), fake news is a dangerous situation indeed.

The idea with this commandment and statement is to encourage each person to dive deeper into their own beliefs and determine if some may be false or erroneous doctrines. Other philosophers have suggested similar ideas, around the same time as Moses, with Socrates being the most notable. His statement "[a]n unexamined life is not worth living", and the Socratic method of dialogue are so useful in rooting out false doctrines.

I would just like to mention proofs are established to be built upon further. As you will see in this one I have taken from the previous one.

I pray to God to remove impediments of false doctrine from those that desire knowledge.


Without further ado, the next proof:

Andy Gwaltney.

From step 7 of 1st Proof - Statement of immortality trait: Government Failure (economic theory)

# Statement Reason
You shall not make for yourself any idol, nor bow down to it or worship it.(False gods)
2nd Commandment of the Holy Bible from the Law of Moses
False = Not True
Common Definition
Idol is a false god. A statue, symbol, being, entity or such that is worshiped as a god.
Definition of Idol
4 There are many false gods that will claim to do all kinds of things. Suggested as a given. A separate proof is needed to prove this, Common knowledge is suggested as acceptable here
5 A god = an entity of power, ability to perform many different things considered outside the ability of most. Most gods are immortal. From step 7 of 1st Proof. Statement of immortality trait.
6 A false god = untrue god, without ability Addition of definitions.
7 Corporations, and people, are often attempting to be false gods. They claim power and ability they do not have. Common Knowledge, which can be proven separately. Generally accepted.
8 Corporations and governments are often false gods. Because people believe in their false abilities, they are often let down. Government Failure (economic theory)
9 Corporations and people are not immortal Death is a known function
10 Believing in False things is Anti-Science. Definition of Science
11 Worship = very strong belief and adherence Definition of Worship
12 Many items operation and safety relies on scientific knowledge. Use of incorrect science is extremely dangerous. Common safety warning / Many dead bodies
13 Don't believe in false things and put all your trust in them. Don't trust institutions, or people that claim abilities that are not proven. Restatement of commandment into modern language given above items. This is exceptional advice towards truth and promises.
14 Science is the belief in the real, this commandment means believing only in that which is real. A strong warning against faith in false doctrine. Conclusion

Consecration Letter 3 & 4