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July 19, 2019

To my most honest friends;

Well, surfing is good for the body, mind, and soul. It seems I may have called jinxed myself, because while out surfing in Costa Rica, my flip-flops were taken from the beach. However unfortunate this may have been, I did learn the lesson for today and that is truth.

I was reminded that, one of the ultimate places of truth is the beach. People of all ages and types are out to enjoy the sun and surf, clad in as few clothes as possible. The more naked and exposed we are in any situation, the more vulnerable, but also the most clear and understood. Nakedness does not allow for things to be hidden, and that is for most the scariest thing of all. Lies, even “little white lies”, can skew many people’s view on reality. Kids are given trophies and congratulated for participation, and by some treated like they are a champion.

If earning something is the same thing as participating, then minimum viable product must be the goal.

So as I have asked before, if one cannot be true to themselves, then to whom can one be truthful? If you know the answer, then accept it, and move on. Each person must then decide for themselves who their true self should be, instead of believing a fantasy.

We can start with the elimination of “little white lies”, because why would anyone ask their friends and loved ones to be liars to satisfy their ego? I pray, “Each of us can be proud of who we are, of the things we are doing, and be excited to share the truth of our good deeds, to be eager to share the news of the good deeds of others, embrace the truth as our friend, and know that any prince of lies is our enemy.”


Andy Gwaltney

Proof of 9th Commandment: Small Lies Grow much Bigger

By Andy Gwaltney

# Statement Reason                                                                                                 
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor
9th Commandment - Given                                           
Neighbor = People living next to or near by to another
Definition - Proximate

Neighbor = Other People, in defined area. Example: 

Fellow countryman, Co-worker, Earthling

Definition - Broad
4 False = Not True Definition

Witness = To give account, to make statement, to

make aware

Definition - Active

Witness = to observe, to record, to take account, to


Definition - Passive
7 Denying one's witness = lying = False Witness Definition and Negative Self talk
8 A white lie is the gateway drug to lying Slippery Slope Theory

Lying is a source of great confusion, mostly to the


Result. Major Result.
10 Little white lies confused oneself and others as to
the truth just as much as any lies.
They are more insidious because they are accepted as truth.

Consecration Letter 10